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Check with us for the latest DayCor® Corona Block Cameras for use with UAVs Drones!

*The new DayCor® micROM™ camera is the latest in a series of smaller cameras for use with UAV’s and other air vehicles. It weighs in at less than 1.98 lbs!

* The DayCor® ROMpact™ 300 is slightly larger than the micROM™ with 8x6 degree FOV and highest sensitivity at a weight of 2.6 lbs.

Please contact us for current pricing and delivery.

We have DayCor® 100% Solar Blind Corona Cameras by Ofil available for rental and purchase!

Please call us for the latest information and pricing on Airborne Gimbal Camera Systems

A SweSystem ROM 400 Quad 2012 model is available for sale! Please contact us

Please contact us re a preowned 400 Quad 4-axis Stabilized Airborne Gimbal Camera System with Calibrated Infrared Camera, DayCor® Corona Camera, Sony HD camera plus a NIKON 36 Megapixel DSLR Frame Camera available for purchase. Fast Sale preferred


EKLUND INFRARED Turreted EO/IR/UV/Laser Gimbal Systems are of highest technical sophistication and durability. We can make special order gimbal configurations (200-300-400) for special cameras and other payloads.

Recent Eklund Innovation Special Design Gimbals delivered:

  • Multiple EIR300 with a GPS enabled Nikon D810 36 MegaPixel Still Frame Cameras with GPS info in each picture header and Remote Controlled Motorized Optical Zoom for the Nikon Lens.

  • EIR400Triple Nikon with LWIR, Solar-blind Corona, NIKON DSLR.

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