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Please click on the newsletter picture below for a PDF copy of our latest 2018 Corona Camera Newsletter!

A Preowned SweSystem 300Triple! Please contact us

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Eklund Infrared is your Representative for the Solar-Blind DayCor® Corona Camera line from OFIL Ltd. Please contact us for price and delivery on DayCor® UVc Solarblind Corona Detection Cameras.

We at EKLUND are representing Ofil since 2002 and have a vast experience in Electrical Corona Detection.

For our Rental Customers, we are your supplier of the DayCor® Corona Rental Cameras. We provide rental cameras on a weekly basis. Longer rental periods are available!

We can provide daily rentals for our customers in the general Atlanta, GA Area.

Please contact us for pricing and availability!

The DayCor® Superb™, the OFIL Flagship Camera, is one of the most popular Corona Cameras ever. Purchase any the OFIL DayCor® Corona Cameras, including the Luminar™ and UVolle-X, from us.

Ask us for a current Price Quotation for any of our cameras FOB your destination!

Check with us for more information on the new Ofil Reporting software “CoronaWise”!

Please click on the newsletter pictures below for a PDF copy of our latest 2016 Corona Camera Newsletter!

Below: IEEE-PES 2006

Above: Jan Eklund and OFIL Company Co-Founder Dr. Pinhas Lindner at IEEE PES Exhibit, 2006, Dallas Texas!

A SweSystem 300Triple is available for sale! Please contact us

Eklund Infrared has been your US representative for SweSystem since 2007.

Above: Hand Controller

Above: Heli-Expo 2015 Orlando, FL.

Below: Heli-Expo 2013

Above: Daniel Johanson (left) and Jan Eklund Heli-Expo 2013

Above: EIR/Swe 300 Triple

Above: Close-Up view of the EIR/Swe 300 Triple at Heli-Expo 2013.

Above: EIR/SWE 200LE

Above: Close-Up view.

Below are three pictures from HELI-EXPO 2012, Dallas, TX.

Above: The new SWE200 HDIR

Daniel Johanson (left) and Jan Eklund at the Dallas Heli-Expo Booth 2012

You can hold the new 4-axis SWE200 HDIR Gimbal in your hand!

HELI-EXPO 2011 in Orlando, FL.

Daniel Johanson (left) and Jan Eklund at the Orlando Booth

HELI-EXPO 2010 in Houston, TX.

Latest SWE300 and SWE400 Gen II Gimbals

Daniel Johanson (left) and Jan Eklund at the Houston Booth

The SWE300 and SWE400 highly stabilized Gimbals.

HELI-EXPO 2009 in Anaheim, CA.

SWE400 Triple Gimbal
Daniel Johanson (left) and Jan Eklund at the Booth

SWE400 Triple Thermal Infrared Channel

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