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Our (Ofil) DayCor® SUPERB™ SolarBlind Corona Detection Cameras are available for RENTAL on a daily or weekly basis. Call us for pricing and availability. Save on cost of purchasing a camera and perform your own Electrical Corona, Arcing and Partial Discharge Inspection with Our DayCor® Superb™ Cameras!

Download the DayCor® Rental Corona Camera Specifications as a PDF Document

Please send us your contact information ("Contact Us" tab) so we can provide you with a price quotation for a week or longer rental. Our prices are very affordable!

We at EKLUND INFRARED/Eklund Innovation Inc. provide DayCor® Corona rental cameras for:

  • Detection of Electrical Corona, Arcing and Discharges for the Electric Utility market
  • Corona and Arcing on fiber-optics communication lines such as ADSS
  • Fire and Flames in Oil and Chemical industry
  • Hydrogen Fire Detection in full sunlight
  • Forest fire detection and mop-up!
  • Detection of Outdoor and Indoor UV Sources
  • Rocket Plume detection for Defense Applications
  • Daytime Detection of UV targets invisible for the eye
  • Monitoring miniature UV Targets during daytime operations

The Superb XD and OD Camera detects Photon Radiation in the UV Solar-Blind band (240 - 280 nm) with highest sensitivity and resolution.

Eklund Infrared is your Representative for the full line of Solar-Blind DayCor® Corona Cameras from OFIL Ltd. Please contact us at 770-578-4435 or (info@eklundir.com) for price and delivery on DayCor® UVc Solarblind Corona Detection Cameras.

DayCor LumonarHD

The SUPERB and LuminarHD Camera's Proprietary UVc Ofil Lindner Filter, invented by Dr. Malka Lindner and also applied by Dr. Pinhas Lindner, both Founders of Ofil LTD, only passes the narrow UVc band and blocks the sunlight UV from reaching the detector. The Superb camera is 100% Solar Blind with the highest sensitivity available of any commercial UVc Camera!

Solar radiation in this band is absorbed by the ozone in the atmosphere and does not reach the earth's surface. Detection in this band in full Sunlight can therefore be performed with negligible background noise and at high ratio of signal-to-background noise. Conventional optical filters cannot provide the necessary levels of Solar UVc Light Blocking and therefore regular UV sensors are blinded by normal daylight.

High Count Rate Corona on Insulator. Corona on Insulator

The picture to the right shows the Detection of invisible Methanol Fire in daylight conditions. The fire is not visible for the naked eye. The DayCor® Superb™ easily Detects Hydrogen & Alcohol Fires in Broad Daylight.

Above clip show Invisible Hydrogen fire detected by Corona camera

Please contact us for current pricing and delivery.


Please contact us re a preowned 400 Quad 4-axis Stabilized Airborne Gimbal Camera System with Calibrated Infrared Camera, DayCor® Corona Camera, Sony HD camera plus a NIKON 36 Megapixel DSLR Frame Camera available for purchase.

We have DayCor® Corona Cameras available for rental and purchase!


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